With Summer School Funding Goal Met, Program is Now Underway

We did it! Our program at EnCompass Academy, located in East Oakland, started with 15 children on the Sylvan Learning Center tutoring program on Monday, June 7th. Here are some photos from the first day

We were worried that we would not have all the funding in place, but our donors stepped up and made it happen. Thank you to all who donated.

Sylvan has been testing the children, and it appears as though the COVID-19 pandemic has been a further setback to achievement. Our students range from 1.1 years to 2.5 years behind grade level for literacy, with an average of 1.74 years behind. Without your help, these children were heading for not-so-great educational outcomes. We hope that our program will make a difference.

The summer school program is for five weeks, and we plan to give you updates.
It’s time to think about the Summer of 2022. Right Path to Learning is a great way to help and receive a tax deduction.

or make a donation via check made payable to:
Oakland Public Education Fund
P.O. Box 71005Oakland, CA 94612
Memo Line: Right Path to Learning

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